Q: What is a Fiduciary?

A: A fiduciary is someone who is charged with the responsibility of acting on behalf of another. This relationship is often between a professional whose aid and expertise is sought on behalf a vulnerable person in need. To be a fiduciary requires the utmost trust, loyalty, and honesty and is not a role to be taken lightly.

Q: Is Compass Fiduciary Group, LLC licensed to be a Fiduciary?

A: Yes. The company holds a valid license (# 20647) as issued by the Arizona Supreme Court as do the co-owners Jason Cobb (#20645) and Jeanne Drabiak (#20646).

Q: How does one become a licensed Fiduciary?

A: It is not a simple endeavor to become a licensed fiduciary in Arizona. All applicants must pass an extensive background check, pass federal fingerprint clearance, and be free of felony convictions to serve in this trusted position.

Licensed fiduciaries are required to pass an examination and are subject to the oversight of the Arizona Fiduciary Board. Further, it is required that licensed fiduciaries attend many hours of continuing education to ensure continued competence in both practical and ethics training.

Q: What areas of Arizona do you serve?

A: Compass Fiduciary Group, LLC serves Maricopa County to include Phoenix and the outlying cities and suburbs.

As ours is a profession of service, we believe that our clients and their families deserve a presence and proximity that would be compromised if we were separated by too many miles.

Q: How much will it cost to utilize your services?

A: The short answer: "It depends". Many factors determine the overall cost of administration of our clients' estates. In general, the first few months of a client matter are more expensive than subsequent months, as there is much to do initially. The time required, and subsequently the associated cost, tend to level out in the following months.

Other factors such as the the client's needs, the nature of the matter, and the parties involved all affect the cost of administration. Review our Fees section and call us for more information specific to your needs.

Q: I have a trust. Can Compass Fiduciary Group, LLC serve as my trustee?

A: Absolutely! Compass Fiduciary Group, LLC proudly serves as trustee to many clients including special needs trusts, education trusts, and revocable and irrevocable family trusts.

Having a local trustee that serves clients oftentimes in their same neighborhood can make a significant difference for you family. The benefits of having a trustee with "feet on the ground" will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are getting the personal touch you deserve. There are no call centers here!

Q: Are all appointments through the court?

A: No. While many of our cases are court-monitored and court-appointed, we have many clients that have selected us to serve as their agent, guardian, or trustee during their estate planning process.

Q: How can I be protected if I select Compass Fiduciary Group, LLC as my fiduciary?

A: Compass Fiduciary Group, LLC believes in 100% transparency in all of its transactions. Our clients are provided with access to their case information and are encouraged to present inquiries to our office at any time.

Additionally, many of our client matters involve court oversight which serves as an additional layer of protection to our clients and their estates.

Finally, it is our conviction that ours is a role of service and we adhere to the Code of Conduct as outlined in the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration § 7-202 (J).